Level 3 Room Hire

Level 3 Room Hire

Level 3 Room Hire
  • Please direct your enquiries to functions@cosrsl.com.au
  • Ideal for small training groups (up to 25)
  • Hand sanitiser supplied
  • COVID safety plan
  • active areas total approximately 180 square meters

    Room hire rates:
    Half a day (Up to 4 hours) $240 ex gst
    Full Day $440 ex gst

    Complimentary general tea & coffee round offered in room hire.

Recent Reviews

“Cheap and good beer, roulette and pokies. Nice place, but not that big.”

“Everything you expect from the best clubs in Australia…”

“A nice stopping place for a refreshing glass of bubbles while out and about in Sydney.”

Sydney CBD

City of Sydney RSL 565 George Street Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: (02) 9264 6281
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Stockton RSL & Citizens Club
29 Douglas St,
Stockton NSW 2295
Phone: (02) 4928 2333
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Monday        10:00am–9:00 pm
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